Saturday, June 12, 2010


so last nights grand finale of our 3d class was awesome. ill try posting the video soon. soo stay tuned!

our first project is still being wrapped up. should be done this weekend or next week. pretty freaking excited for it too get done. its been a beast of a project. and i hope JOHN PARK likes it.

im trying to get my professor JOHN PARK to let me and some other criminals do another projection at the end of the summer. a nice august evening and watching more projected 3d animations. JOHN PLEASE!

its been a stressful hard year. i cant say it was my favorite. but i learned a ton. i spent many long nights in the mezzanine lab in lawrence and got 9 hours of sleep in 3 days. not bad. maybe ill try and beat that someday. we had some great times in the lab workin hard through the nights then mornings then day the night then mornings again.

i already miss the lab and feel guilty for not being there.

THANK YOU DEERREECCKK FOR CREATING THE BEST INSIDE JOKE EVER. your floating paper bag and flying pig was priceless. a punchline. much needed relief. no one will ever forget that paper bag and pig animation that we watched. ever. that ones goin the books. perfect.

i love you all. its been real. i graduate on monday.



Ariana Richards

for my artists presentation that i forgot to post a while ago i presented the works of ariana richards and herakut.

Ariana is the girl from Jurassic park who has now turned into a fine portrait artist. her works are very adult contemporary. 95% of all her models are female. and she is incredibly inspired by landscapes. Much of her work centers around ideas that involve "secret places" or areas where one would go to reflect and wonder. there is always a sense of mystery and unreality as she paints super real/ photographic imagery that seems detached from the world. thus touching on the idea of dreamlike. absent fomr the world, present in illusion. because much of her work seems peaceful, almost bordering on a perfect world syndrome. shes very adult contemporary. like adult romance novels.nothing creepy. but very good.

she also lives in salem. and is turning 30 in september. dont ask me how i know that.


Hera and Akut are quite possibly the sweetest german collaboartive street art duo in my opinion. they work side by side creating works of animals and humans, mostly. Hera (the girl) was a classically trained artist while Akut is just a natural street artist. He is the one who will create the hyper real skin where Hera is the conceptual thinker and lover of animals. Hera will draw a background a start a body while Akut will fill it in, while Hera will come back and and do another layer, then Akut will come back and do another...etc. Akut only uses spray cans and creates hyper real skin and fur, where Hera will use spray cans and other paints. she even uses just her hands. what an artist. they mostly deal with ideas of conforming. or having to. much of their works centers around the idea that humans have an animalistic side. and becuase we have disregarded that, and have "put on" our human skin, we have forgotten about our animal nature. we are animals, who must conform to human standards and ideals. that we must "put on" skin because its how we should look, its the perceived, sterotypical, and normal. its the culturally acceptable look. its the "how a woman should look" they attempt to break apart the box of narrow minded thinking of people fitting into molds. and they do this by creating surrealist, mysterious, hyper real, very dreamlike, absent of reality, works that incorporate animals and humans.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Final project update : building projection

my final project idea that will be projected onto the side of villard hall has to do with the idea of lucid dreaming. its that threshold between being in control of your dream, but seemingly never in total control, or even as much control as one would like. the columns represent this threshold of control, or lack thereof. Whereas the background and foreground serve as the representational areas of where dreams become controllable, or maybe uncontrollable. the hand in this piece represents the thought that one must be dreaming first to even be able to access a dream in the first place, thus the hand is trying to access control; however, getting nowhere as the hand tries to grab at pillars that continually escape its grasp. thus, creating absence of realistic thinking as dreams are not accessed through logical terms. as well, there is an absence of control.