Friday, March 28, 2008

Take me to the riot


On wednesday we traveled to the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Bienniel. The MOMA was just what we needed. It was filled with pieces of all colors and shapes. Just for the record, I'm not a Matisse fan. I just don't understand his work. It's flat and boring. I don't get it, and to be honest, I don't care enough to get it. Modern art is incredibly interesting. It's colorful and possessive. It can attract you just as easily as it can repel you. The MOMA contained a plethora of pieces, so many peices im not even sure where to begin, except for maybe the greatest piece there. which would be this guy.

I was lucky enough to spot him up in the corner of one of the taller galleries. I couldn't stop grinning.

Color is just as important as the object being displayed. IF NOT MORE IMPORTANT. Seriously. Color is huge. I am addicted to neon colors. They drag me in with no escape. If pieces did not contain colors that attracted me, I would have nothing to do with art. I would probably be failing nursing school right about now, or snowshoeing in Alaska with no potential future ahead of me, or maybe even 200 pounds heavier with a chronic indigestion problem. Thank you neon colors for saving my life. I love Rauchenbergs pieces that were in the Moma. However, convienently, I decided to delete them to make more room on my camera, for other photos that im not even going to talk about. So, I'll use another another Rauschenberg piece for example.

He silks screens JFK as well as others in other works. But it's interesting to note the color. The vibrancy and alertness they bring to the forefront. Its JFK. He was important.

Andy Warhol was the master at life. His piece caught me, as well as many other pieces of his work does. I.Love.This.Piece. Its jeenyus. Purely. It's a two canvas spread where only one canvas has multiple prints on it, while the other has nothing but background color. The layout of this piece screamed brilliancy. Its classic, clear and simple; it's straight to the point. It has apparently found and moved the cheese. Color is life. If this piece did not incorporate these two colors, I would have walked right past it only waving to Andy instead of striking up a conversation.

these were some others that made it onto my camera.


This was a waste of time. No wonder its a bienniel. It should really be a neverenniel.

There were however a few pieces that were kinda cool. But most of the stuff, I just didn't get. I don't understand what the curator was thinking. Other than the fact that he or she should consider a different profession. Cuz' man, what a stupid show. Nothing seemed to make any sense. Yeah, things looked cool, and maybe sounded cool. But it was random at best. It was the equivalent of walking around a zoo with no animals in sight. You start to wonder what your doing there. And then you realize that dollar fifty hot dog you ate just outside the Whitney never tasted better. I gave Whitney an F. You can take that either of the two ways.

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