Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Armory Show

On friday we went to the Armory show which was where a bunch of different galleries came together to sell some pretty amazing artwork. That is, if you have incredible amounts of money. But nonetheless, it was probably the best way to end the weeks adventure. It was a warehouse full of all sorts of different styles and genres of artwork, from giant swords to canvases that had been peed on. There was some pretty interesting stuff there.

This was one of my personal favorites.

Again, there was some pretty great stuff here. It was like a wonderland of pastiche.

As you can see i chose to take a lot of my pictures on artwork that contained elements of neon. I kind of have an obsession problem with certain colors.

Another piece of artwork that i found incredibly amazing was this one. An amazing pencil drawing with some hand painted checkers and yellow high lights gives this piece a sense of attitude. The girls face is just so impressive. im very intrigued by the awesomeness of how a pencil drawing can relay such a great look. i really like it. i feel like this piece as a speed racer look. yes. the cartoon. its like relating to a young audience with a racing attitude. Im also very impressed by the simplistic look, but yet the complexity behind this piece. I mean, seriously, there are stickers stuck on the canvas. thats pretty dumb, but its so dumb its cool.

Some other pieces that i really liked were these two synonyms. They're geometrically sound. with a nice strip of color. They are just aesthetically pleasing to me. they're complex, yet balanced. Intricate designs that play nicely with the other art around, because these two pieces stood out. They're on their own level of art. if thats possible and makes sense. i think so. and these two pieces clearly exemplify that. They're unusual. and they have a late 70's early 80's feel to them. These two pieces were on canvas so they were either hand painted or screen printed. i hope they were hand painted. so well just pretend they were. amazing. the sharpness of the line contour and difference in weight is really well done. and i especially love the color choice of the bold strip of green and reddish on both. They seem to be washed out and correspond perfectly with each other. Im also amused by the use of negative space between these two pieces. where one uses black for the negative, the other uses white. these almost have a good and evil feel. They're just interesting.

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