Sunday, April 25, 2010

Group animation project UPDATE!

much of idea for the end has changed which means that our "jobs" have been somewhat switched around. so now i will be working mostly with lighting and compositing. a lot of after effects work still needs to be done once more animation is done. which will be soon. very. very soon. etc.

so far, we have been hashing out ideas and have finally come to a conclusion of where we are going. so much of what i have already done is useless. which wasent very much, but my mind was prepared to live in the mez lab for the next week and half. i brought my sleeping bag, some teddy grams, and finding nemo (for inspiration, of course) and was prepared for the long haul. but now im just a little disappointed. etc.

we took some test photographs of objects against the outside wall that we are working with for reference to match lighting and shadows etc. ive started to build some light sets. i will be playing around with this more for the next day or two ...maybe three but three might be extravagance, to really harness the ultimate power of lighting in blenderz.

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